03 December 2010


Heretofore factual underhammer history has been a rather sketchy subject at best. Yes, there have been occasional articles relating to specific examples of underhammer arms in various firearms history and collectors journals, and, of course, there is Hershel Logan’s book on underhammers which was written over fifty years ago. However, to my knowledge there has never been a definitive work on the complete history of the origins and evolution of the underhammer system here in America – that is, until now.

Noted underhammer researcher and scholar, Nicholas L. Chandler, has devoted untold years in research, compiling data and photos, and writing what is sure to become the new standard reference on the subject of early American underhammer arms. You may recall that the previous post below is a review about one of Mr. Chandler’s articles about the origins of the underhammer concept. His is a fascinating story to say the least, but he didn’t stop there.

His new book, EARLY AMERICAN UNDERHAMMER FIREARMS, is published by Mobray Publishing of Woonsocket, Rhode Island and features 192 pages of information and over 350 clear and detailed photos that tell the real story of the origins and development of the underhammer percussion system beginning in 1820s New England.

At only $59.99 this fine book would be a wonderful Christmas gift. However, if you want to receive it in time for this Christmas, I would suggest you contact Mobray Publishing - like Pronto. They can be reached at 1-800-999-4697 or go visit their website: http://gunandswordcollector.com for more information. In closing, let me say that if you liked Mr. Chandler's underhammer article, you're going to love his book!

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Our thanks to Mr. Chandler for his dedication and efforts in providing this treasure trove of information for all of us underhammer aficionados.

Graphics courtesy of Nicholas Chandler



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