11 October 2007

John Taylor's latest underhammer

Recently I received an e-mail from another underhammer afficianado, John Taylor, who is also a builder. For those of you who need machining services for your gun projects, underhammers or otherwise, you may wish to visit John's website and give him a call.

Thanks John for your contribution to the success of this blog. It's good to hear from another builder, although this is a forum for anyone interested in underhammers - not just builders. So dear readers, send in those underhammer stories or questions and we'll share them with everyone.

Here's John's story and some pics of his latest underhammer:


I have always liked underhammers. The first one I had was back in the mid 70s, a Numrich Hopkins & Allen 45 cal target rifle that never would group well.

I have made more than a few over the years including a brass barreled BB gun that would put a BB through a 1" board at 25 yards with 4 grains of 4F.

The latest build started out as a piece of brass water pump shaft. The 32 caliber barrel was ordered for another job many years back and never got used. It just collected dust on the shelf. The hammer and trigger are from a Numrich H&A. The front and rear sight were made by me.

The rear sight has 40 threads per inch and can be adjusted in 1/2 turn increments, the eye piece will screw in from ether side. A 1/2 turn comes out to about 1.23" at 100 yards.

The wood was rough sawn stock blanks from Gun Parts Corp. The screws and all other machine work were done by me. Engraving was done by Dale Woody of www.gunfancy.com. I had trouble getting used to the lack of recoil as my other underhammer is a 62.

Best regards,

John Taylor

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I followed this build on MLForum. Nice rifle.

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